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Tiny Tots sessions are designed for children aged 2-5. The main emphasis is on the children enjoying themselves and having fun. During the 30-minute session, the children will learn basic Soccer skills and techniques and play small sided matches.

We will break each session up in to three blocks:

1) Warm up – fun based activities/games
2) Ball work – we will work on very basic techniques such as dribbling & shooting. Each child will have a ball and we will maximise the amount of touches each child has of the Soccer ball which is vital at such a young age.
3) Small sided matches – In teams of 2/3 the children will get a chance to play a mini Soccer match. They will be able to practice the techniques they have learned and score goals in our portable Soccer nets.

The Tiny Tots sessions will help develop and improve the following attributes:

  • Hand/eye co-ordination
  • Speed & agility
  • Balance
  • Basic team work skills

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Day: Monday

Cost: $12 per week 

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